We are not a directionless start up. We know where we’re headed and are looking for people to join us on that journey.

Our three main brands/products are the following:
  1. NetRex
  2. CamStreamer
  3. Projection International Expansion

What does NetRex do?

NetRex began in 2006. To begin with, it was just an audacious idea but borne out of that idea was a company which has grown and matured a lot over the past 15 years, focusing on cloud video services and creating a range of unique solutions which are sold mainly in the Czech Republic but also across Central Europe. 

  • We provide video surveillance services
  • We also offer analytics tools for retailers (our primary segment) which make our users’ work easier.
  • We are also skilled in time-lapse video (used mainly on construction sites).

All this in one place – on our cloud platform NetRex. We are constantly innovating and improving our services to keep pace with the changing times and trends, especially in retail. 

Take a look at how our systems works:

An example of a time-lapse video which can be created directly in the system from a camera recording:

What does CamStreamer do?

In 2014 we came up with the idea that a security camera could stream directly onto YouTube. We brought this idea to life by creating an application directly for the camera, with great success. 3 years later, in 2017, CamStreamer became a separate entity which not only continued to offer direct YouTube streaming but now also offers several other applications which work with the video inside a camera (embedding dynamic graphics, mixing multiple video sources with local clips, integration of third-party systems and so on).

We sell these applications successfully across the globe (mainly to the US). Our store is also supported by a camera manufacturer, Swedish company Axis Communication (www.axis.com), the largest non-Chinese manufacturer of security cameras and components in the world for whose products we exclusively create these applications.

Take a look at our client’s live stream:

Take a look at our camera demo in Prague where we demonstrate what can be achieved with our applications.

CamStreamer continues to grow. We have an ever-increasing number of partners across the globe. We are currently close to finishing our cloud solution for remote camera operation, something which people around the world are desperate to get their hands on. It’s a massive opportunity right in front of us, we just need to grab it :).

“At CamStreamer we enjoy the unique work that we do and that we see the fruits of our labour across every continent. Cameras with our applications can be used in various interesting industries (churches, animal feeders, construction, tourist centers, cities, animal sanctuaries, etc)”.

International expansion

We are pleased to be succeeding in selling products abroad from the Czech Republic, which is why we are currently working on further global expansion.

Besides the CamStreamer cloud solution mentioned above, this is a completely new brand which will consist of offering our already operational and functioning NetRex solution to the wholesale market. We want to give any company anywhere in the world the opportunity to add our cloud video solution to their portfolio under their own banner. Our doors are open for business and we are convinced by its prospects!

This is not just an idea but a real project that we are close to finishing and we need extra colleagues to help us. If you also see the potential in this, come on board and be the person who does more than just getting this project off the ground. Join a strong team which is a pleasure to work in and which has already created a large part of the story you’re reading!

Why are we convinced of success?

We have the experience of taking an audacious idea and turning it into the NetRex company which has been offering unique cloud camera systems for 15 years.

Even a small project can be known around the world within 3 years. Our CamStreamer applications can turn ordinary security cameras into interesting streaming cameras. A live stream, for example in Australia, can be viewed from anywhere and vice versa.

What has happened twice can definitely happen a third time. With us, you’d have the opportunity to work on something with the potential to be successful, which makes sense, and will be widely seen. We are looking for experienced people to help us achieve our goals.